Speaking and vocal coach, coach

Professional Focus
  • Coaching
  • communication training
  • vocal and speaking training
  • performance coaching
Central Subjects
  • Personality development
  • voice and language
  • life-balance
  • mindfulness and health


The secretes of successful communication fascinated Anne Kühl early: first she became a journalist at a regional station at the Lake of Constance, after which she got her diploma at the state music college in Stuttgart in Vocal- and Speaking education. Since then she worked at different academic institutions and provided support e.g. helping Teachers at the university of Hamburg with speaking in lectures.

After consistent learning & certifications in diverse coaching approaches (transaction analysis, systematic positioning, integral psychology) did Anne Kühl approach new areas: In media, the industry, as well as in the service sector does she support individuals to improve their rhetoric, to find the fitting verbal form and to gain confidence in communication.

„Become bigger, not different“ is her motto. Anne Kühls Goal is building up on existing competences to train new behaviors and use them consciously. To achieve this, she works with her clients to increase their body awareness and control. On this basis of presence and the strength of the own personality does the voice and body language become authentic.