Actress, speaking and vocal coach, coach

Professional Focus

  • Coaching
  • communication training
  • vocal and speaking training
  • performance training

Central Subjects

  • Personality development
  • voice and language

Already while attending acting school in Cologne, Carolin Pohl was able to gain valuable onstage experience and learned how to deploy her voice as a powerful instrument. This was followed by permanent and guest engagements and various German theaters, where she was able to further develop and hone her technique. At the same time, she regularly appeared in movie and television projects as well as doing voice over work.

Following the beginning of her apprenticeship as a speaking trainer at the University of Göttingen, Carolin Pohl was awarded multiple teaching assignment at a few acting schools in Hamburg and has since also been working as a speaking coach. Her working field spans across from the artistic sector over to adult education and personal development in public institutes of further education all the way to speaking coaching’s in economic settings and higher institutes.

Carolin Pohl works situationally oriented, creative and process oriented. With her open and humorous way of doing things, she lures her clients out of their vocal and speaking comfort zones in an emphatically challenging manner. Her clients profit from her accurate and analytical hearing sense and her clear view of the central issue of the individual. Thus, she approaches the individual needs of her coaching clients thoroughly and purposeful, so that they can fulfill their vocal and speaking potentials.