Business economist, Coach, Organization Developer and Lecturer

Areas of Activity
  • Idividual Coaching and Team Development
  • Moderation
  • Communication Consulting
  • Conflict Moderation
Central Subjects
  • Identity and Roles
  • Leadership and Change Processes
  • Decision-Making Processes
  • Communication and Mediation

After studying business administration at the University of Cologne, Harald König worked in international companies in the consumer electronics and media industry in various management positions. Among other things, he led a multimedia agency and an online service and was most recently senior consultant at a large Hamburg publishing house, before he became self-employed in 2007.

During many years of work with customers, employees, project teams, corporate departments and shareholders, Harald König has gained extensive experience with the ways of thinking and the dynamics of a wide variety of relationship and organizational systems. It became clear that their successful development and resilience are largely dependent on their ability to communicate effectively and socially intelligently.

Against the background of his many years of professional experience, his work with the Systems Centered Training and Research Center (SCTRI) in the USA and training as a team developer and systemic coach at the coachingakademie, Harald König supports people, companies and organizations on their way to further their potential develop conflict dynamics, make communication effective and constructively integrate change. He accompanies personal and organizational development processes with a solution-oriented attitude, systemic approach and many years of experience.