Organizational Development and Change Consulting

Venturing Transformation

Changing circumstances require strategic realignment and structural transformation. The diversified engines of change impact the system in its entirety. Change processes are therefore complex and draw a high degree of attention to them.

Successful organizational development guides companies throughout a transformation process. Our consulting-team assists you in finding innovative solutions and foster wide-spread acceptance for their implementation. Throughout, we never lose sight of the context, create transparency and ensure participation.

You wish to improve existing structures, change the strategic course or reinvent yourself in an innovative manner? In order to execute the appropriate interventions effectively, we help you integrate the vital process components in intelligent fashion.

Shaping Change-Processes

We support those responsible for the planning and realization of strategic change intentions on a company level by developing concepts used to model change and organizational development-processes. Such include tailor-made strategies and measures within change-processes, nuanced systemic project consulting and sustainable team-development, suiting the present organizational structure, immediately ready to integrate them into ongoing daily ventures. We accompany such practical integration within the organization by way of professional moderation and supervision.

Transformation and Acceleration

Now more than ever, impactful changes dominate the daily lives of businesses and organizations. Whether being perceived welcoming or with fear: they are natural reactions of organizations to innovation and movement within their habitat.

Upon the initialization and piloting of change, it has been time-proven to link internal and external expertise. Our coaches act as external consultants, and accompany change-processes on a strategic, structural and cultural level.

Reorientation and Realignment

In order for your plans to have success, we not only offer an outsider’s view, but also methodological know-how that will improve your internal problem-solving capacities intermediate- and long-term.

We aid you in defining your vision and strategy more precisely. We do the same in respect to the operative integration via the conception and moderation of meetings and workshops. Besides, together we develop appropriate communication strategies for the inclusion and motivation of everybody involved on all levels.

Sustainability and Insurance

We anchor the successful implementation of new strategies through the development of role-images and agile processes. We provide feedback on intermediate results and identify learning areas within the change-process. Whilst in progress, we continuously observe the interplay of sub-processes. At the same time, we also find solutions for inevitable conflicts of interest, concerning team dynamics and problematic constellations that arise.

You are planning changes in your organization or you are already in the middle of a process?
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