Master of Psychology, Organizational-Developer, Team-Developer and Coach

Areas of Activity
  • Individual and Team-Coaching
  • Process Moderation and Team Development
  • Moderation
  • Organizational Development
Central Subjects
  • Change Management
  • Personnel Development
  • Role Clarification
  • Business Culture

As a personnel manager, Annika Jans has collected years of valuable experience in the agile online- and agency-sector. Here, a special concern to her was to curate a positive culture of collaboration and accompany the process of accumulating expertise in an esteeming manner.

She also never lost sight of her own advancement and continually extended her expertise in the area of change management. At the coachingakademie, she became a qualified systemic coach and team-developer. Since entering self-employment, Annika Jans is now supporting individuals, teams and businesses in discovering and realizing their full potentials.  Parallelly, she has a teaching mandate for business psychology at a college in Hamburg.

In her consulting work, she places great importance on transparency and a quality relationship to her clients, who profit from her extensive experience in personnel work as well as her advanced psychological expertise. Annika Jans always looks for realizable solutions and is emphatically mindful of long-term improvement of communication and collaboration – equally so in difficult situations.